Around Two Important Aspects of Healthy Homes

Saturday, July 28, 2012

In addition to the beauty, health is also an important aspect to consider in building a house. A healthy home meets certain criteria, such as good air circulation, a room that gets enough natural light from the sun, the room layout that facilitates the movement of residents to move, until the availability of green open land.

Healthy Homes

Following the settlement houses that focus on healthy air circulation and natural lighting: 

Lighting in the room should be rooted in a healthy sun-but also energy efficient. To that end, every room should have a glass window that is connected to the outside of the home.

Healthy Homes

Great determination and location of windows, should be adjusted to the direction of the sun. Direct sunlight from the west will make the room very hot. Use the canopy to shade windows from direct sunlight and keep the window from the splashing of water when it rains.

If a room does not allow windows to be installed, you can use other elements, such as voids, skylights (glass tile roofs), or use of materials on the roof of the garage polycarbonate. The use of bulkhead walls made of glass (glass block) can also help lighting, as well as ornaments.

Air Circulation
Room adjacent to the outer wall of the house can use the vents for air flow, while for a room that position in the middle of the building could use wind catcher channel.

In addition to conventional forms of windows, you can also make bouvenlicht window. This window consists of two separate glass slats that have gaps between them, which allows exchange of air. Bouvenlicht generally installed in the bathroom.

Moreover, it also can be shaped ventilation holes with a lattice arrangement of horizontal winds on the walls of the building. The method for making ventilation holes also vary by making a hole walls, wood frame with horizontal grille, or use the rooster of the concrete material, metal, aluminum or wood.

The best system for designing a natural ventilation is cross ventilation (cross ventilation). In this system, air circulation is set in such a way that can flow from one point of the air vents toward the other air vents, and vice versa. Given the difference in pressure inside and outside the building, then the flow of air is not trapped in the house, so the house is free from the stuffy and hot.


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