The Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom - Port Credit Townhome, Toronto

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Port Credit Townhome was designed by Tracy Kundell's a design studio with offices in Canada. The Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom was from in 2007 and can be found in Avalon Interiors, and with a beautiful style, will give an idea of your bathroom decor.

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Floor

Most people like limestone flooring because it goes with anything, and this bathroom was built with honed limestone floor tiles measuring 8 "x16" to give timeless beauty aesthetics, honed limestone is softer than marble, has a distinctive look that may make a room feel more inviting or warmer than a highly polished marble because it is made of calcium carbonate, which is really shellfish that feel down to the bottom of the ocean and were compressed.


Espresso Bathroom Vanity

Designed straight forward for both functionality and easy cleaning. This is a perfect all-in-one vanity with an integrated basin, towel rack, shelf and storage drawer. Constructed with solid wood laminate and quality veneers, this vanity will bring value and style to bathroom.

Bathroom Sink


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