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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bedroom view to reflect the character, maybe even a hobby or avocation.
Planning a Private Bedroom

The bedroom is a very private place where we feel freer to express what we want in the room. We feel free to experiment in arranging and decorating the room. We can express what we want, the atmosphere of what we want to create, and who we really are.

The demand functions of the bedroom lately increasingly complex. Previously, the bedroom is only used as a place to relax or unwind. But this time, the function has been developed in accordance with the demands of the times. The bedroom is often used as a den, reading room, even the living room to watch television and so on.

Along with the development of these functions, the amount of furniture that will be placed in the bedroom is also increasing rapidly. This makes the arrangement of the bedroom to get special attention.

To realize the ideal bedroom, growing demand function must now be met without compromising its primary function, namely as a comfortable resting space, quiet, and of course healthy. In addition to the demands of function, to express to their owners, the bedroom can be decorated with special touches designed in such a way. Thus, a private room you will be harmonious, harmony, and can create a cozy atmosphere of a break to taste and character of its owner.


before we talk more about the structuring principle of the bedroom, is useful to consider briefly how you plan to position our bedroom at home in order of overall space.

1. Avoid selection of sites adjoining the bedroom directly with the public spaces inside and outside the home, including garage, carport, living room, playroom, and public streets. These spaces have a high penetration potential noise that would affect the tranquility and comfort of the bedroom.

2. Avoid selection of bedroom location that does not allow you to create openings for ventilation or window for entry of sunlight. This will make your bedroom damp and unhealthy because there is no air circulation and sunlight penetration into your bedroom.

3. If you have more than one floor house, site selection bedrooms upstairs will be very good. Besides being calmer, you will get a better view when creating the window. But if you have old, site selection should be reconsidered as it may be difficult when you have to go up and down the stairs to the bedroom above.

4. If you do not have a bathroom in the bedroom, avoid the selection of the location of the bedroom that is too far from the bathroom outside, let alone cut the public area. This will make your activities before and after the shower visible from public areas in your home.

5. If you do not have a position directly opposite the room with the page, should you make the inner-court is processed into a dry garden. Then you can create openings for air circulation and opening windows for sunlight toward the inner-court. In addition, a dry garden if you will give your room fresh.

When it follows the above provisions, it can be said that you have the ideal bedroom.


Ideal spacious bedrooms you are very dependent on the demands you impose on the function of your bedroom.

"The more the demand function or activity you want to do in the bedroom, the spacious rooms you need"

This will also impact on the amount of furniture that you want to insert into your room and the size or dimensions of the furniture.

For a simple bedroom with furniture such as beds, bedside table, wardrobe and dressing table, it takes a minimum area of ​​9 m2. However, as mentioned above, the need for this growing area of ​​space in accordance with the demands of function.

The things that become the starting point in planning the arrangement of bedrooms starting from the answers to these questions.

1. Who will occupy this bedroom? Do husbands and wives, children, or even a guest? This will help to determine how much area the room is needed, what should be there in the room, how much of the required dimensions of the furniture, the theme of what is suitable to be applied in the room, and so forth.
2. How many people will occupy the room later on? Obviously the number of people this will determine the amount of space and furniture needs as well.
3. How old is the person who will occupy this bedroom? The age factor is also important to apply suitable theme for decorating the room later.

After answering the questions above, you can start making a list of needs to fill in your bedroom. If the space you have is inadequate, it would be wise if you reduce the list of needs rather than forcing all activities is accommodated in one bedroom. Because the primary function of the bedroom is a place of rest, the space which relief is absolutely necessary to gain a comfortable and quiet in the bedroom. Your bedroom furniture is healthier because there is not so much that the circulation of air in the room the better.


reforming the bedroom that wills either closely related to the pattern of activity you would do in the bedroom later. While the way the arrangement of furniture are often the freedom and aesthetic sensibilities of the inhabitants. But it was still starts from the theme or mood of what you want to create in the room.

"We recommend that before determining what furniture you need and how to put it down, you should fully understand the pattern of activity you do, from entering the door to when you sleep."

A. What activities will be conducted later in the bedroom? This affects the list of facilities that will be available in the bedroom as the supporting functions, such as television, telephones, and audio player. Even the sofa sets for those who want a living room in the bedroom and bathroom for those who want a bathroom in the bedroom. Tables and chairs can also work for those who want to be in his office room.

2. For those who already have furniture, furniture size bedrooms charger that you have today? For those who intend to buy, what size furniture that you plan to use in the bedroom? It will all determine the amount of space and appropriate layout for the arrangement of the bedroom.


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